Nungarra Verily - awarded PREMIUM filly ACE Assessment, January 2015

SOLD to Macarthur, Victoria October 2019

Assessor comment: 'long legged, well framed filly with nice face and very good set of neck and shoulder'

D.O.B: 16/09/14       

Leggy, elegant bay filly by Versace out of Belcam Charmed (Capone).
Photos: 10 hours old and 4 months old

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Nungarra Royal Order   

SOLD to Victoria, December, 2018

Photo taken 2017

DOB:  26/10/10        

‘Roy’ is a striking, athletic chestnut gelding who can be added to the dynasty of international quality horses sired by Royal Hit in Australia. At ACE Assessment he scored 8 for head, neck and shoulder and 8.5 for frame and top line.

Mature: 16.3 - 17hh

ACE GROUP ASSESSMENT TOUR 2011: ‘nice type, good frame and topline; balanced canter and good over-tracking walk’

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Nungarra A'Scott

SOLD to Susanne Jones of Axedale, Victoria. November, 2018

D.O.B:  2014        

Well tempered young gelding by Grand Prix stallion A'Seduction (Jaybee Always). 3 good paces.

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Nungarra Lulu -   awarded PREMIUM foal, February 2013

SOLD to South Australia, June 2017

D.O.B: 13/12/2012  

Leggy bay filly by Furst Love out of a Capone mare. Temperament plus. Mature approx. 16.2hh.    
Photos below taken on 13th January, 2017.     

Assessor comment: "Uphill constructed with long neck, big shoulder and good topline; good ground cover in walk and elastic canter"

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Nungarra Roxanne - awarded  ELITE Filly, February 2012 

SOLD to Victoria, January 2017

Full sisiter to Nungarra Rachael, winner 3yo Warmblood Filly class Toowoomba Royal Horse Show, March 2014 and Supreme at Halter at the Warick Show, 2014

'Roxie’ was born ready to go! She is a powerful, beautifully put together young horse and shows correctness and swing in all paces. Like her Premium Award sister, Nungarra Rachael, she carries a very exciting pedigree being by Royal Hit and from the Four Winds Fama family. 

DOB: 17/10/11     Mature Approx: 16.2hh      

Pictures: Berni Saunders,  (Feb. 2012)

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Nungarra Iced Vo Vo  -  awarded PREMIUM Filly, January 2015  

SOLD to NSW, July 2015

Assessor comment:  'well framed filly with good set of neck, well defined hock; good over-track in walk and elastic canter'

DOB:  15/09/14

Striking filly by Versace out of Belcam Princess Black Pearl (Capone).
Photos: 10 hours old and 4 months old

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Nungarra Realm  - awarded PREMIUM Filly, February, 2010
SOLD to Tracy Lee, Victoria in December, 2013

EA Registered and competing as Nungarra Bonfire (from 2015)

"Realm is to be trained as a dressage horse. I have two other horses Middleton Aapollo (24 years old and enjoying retirement) Grand Prix dressage horse and Chelladonna (10 years old), at the moment competing successfully at Prix St. George with big plans for Grand Prix in the future. Both these horses were purchased unbroken by me and I trained them myself to these levels. Nungarra Realm will compete under the name Nungarra Gold de Royale (meaning 'gold from royalty'). I am delighted with how she is going. She is enjoying many trail rides and small amounts of schooling. She is a little ‘sweet heart’ and I like her very much."   Tracy Lee   May 2014

Sold-on to Danielle Turner, Victoria in 2017. Danielle is working towards qualifying for the Tokyo Paralympics and has made a geat start with a win at Werribee (June 2018) in the first para-equestrian tests for this duo. Danielle and Nungarra Bonfire have been selected onto the 2018 National Para-Equestrian High Performance Squad.

Photo by Derek O'Leary
Tracy Lee and Nungarra Bonfire
Werribee  February, 2016 
Photo by Derek O'Leary  

DOB:  2/10/09     Mature approx. 16.1hh        

Elegant, sweet natured chestnut filly by Royal Hit out of impeccably bred thoroughbred mare. Realm's grand dam, Loretta, has consistently appeared in the pedigrees of licensed colts, Premium mares and top auction horses in Europe.

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Nungarra Fine Licorish - 2016 DWTS Young Horse Qualifier in the 4YO class; top 20 finisher, winner of the 4YO consolation class.
SOLD to Kylie Calderwood, Victoria  2013

EA Registered and competing as Nungarra Furst Class

Kylie and Nungarra Furst Class have been accepted onto the 2018 EA AOR State Dressage Squad

Photo taken October, 2016         Photo taken at Boneo Park Feb, 2016    4YO class

‘Rish’ is the second foal from Belcam Princess Black Pearl (Capone). This striking black gelding, with four white socks, displays the relaxed temperament of his sire Fürst Love (Fürst Heinrich). He is well structured with great swing and elasticity of movement, for which he scored 8 at his Assessment. Will be a ‘look at me’ boy in the competition arena.

DOB: 15/12/11     Mature approx: 16hh     

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Nungarra Capriole      

SOLD to Queensland, January 2013

Photography: Oz Shotz 2015

DOB: 20/11/2008     Mature: approx. 16.2hh      

This delightful chestnut gelding, out of a Capone/Fourwinds Fama mare, is a grandson of Le Primeur (rated in the top 10 jumping sires in the world) and carries a double cross of the impressive imported Oldenburger stallion, Capone. His breeding suggests great career potential as a quality competition dressage or jumping horse.

Ollie completed the first stage of his basic training with Brya Law prior to Christmas 2011 but as he was so young, he came home for a rest over the summer before returning to her for 'finishing school' at the beginning of June 2012. She was delighted with his return to work and found him to be well temperamented, brave and prepared to try anything new - including some jumping. The video immediately below was taken on the 20th November, 2011 - Ollie's 3rd birthday! The second video was taken on 29th June 2012 - with Brya riding again. He has been out to HRCAV and other lessons and ridden amongst other horses. He continues to demonstrate a sensible approach to his work and the environment. 

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Nungarra Royal Ruby - awarded   PREMIUM Filly, February 2012

SOLD to Victoria, May 2012

This elegant liver-chestnut filly shows exceptional conformation with a beautiful top line and clearly has the presence of her sire Royal Hit. She has potential for a very successful competition career.

See update on Ruby's progress on Home Page

DOB: 3/11/11     Mature approx: 16hh       

Pictures: As a foal - Berni Saunders,      Ruby with Manolo Mendez - Katie Barret Photography

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Nungarra Simply Red awarded PREMIUM Colt, February 2010     R.I.P. August 2018

Ridden and competed by Young Rider, Phoebe O'Connell, NSW

26 September, 2016 - Overall Winner Show Horse at the Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships
December, 2016 - Champion Child's Hack over 16hh  EA Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships     See Home Page for more successes.

'Big Red' is now ridden by 15yo Phoebe O'Connell and this young duo is having great success in the Show ring. See Home Page for latest news. The first 2 photos above are taken at the EA Horse of the Year Show early 2016 and the third photo was taken at the National Interschool Championships in Sydney in September, 2016.

DOB:  1/10/09
This spectacular leggy chestnut gelding by Royal Hit has it all - presence, conformation and elastic uphill movement. His dam, Belcam Charmed (Capone), is related to Stuart Tinney’s successful international eventer, Belcam Ava. A future champion for any discipline. Mature approx. 16.3hh

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Belcam Santana
SOLD to NSW, December 2011

Now owned and ridden by Kylie Slaughter, Queensland
Winner - Queensland Showjumper of the Year, 2016

Starting under saddle                           Santana ridden by Kylie Slaughter, 2016

A rare  Sirocco mare! Belcam Santana is a dark bay mare. She is a pleasure to ride and is a willing young horse. Her exceptional blood lines also present a great breeding prospect.

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Nungarra Rachael -  awarded PREMIUM Filly, February 2011

SOLD to Queensland, August 2011

Supreme at Halter at the Warick Show, 2014
Winner 3yo Warmblood Filly class at the Toowoomba Royal Horse Show, March 2014
See our FACEBOOK page for photos.

Rachael_2 Rachael_2 Rachael_2
© Zoe Phillips Photography (foal photo only)               3yo photos taken late 2013

DOB:  16/09/10 This sensational filly carries one of the most exciting pedigrees in Australia today being by Royal Hit and coming from Belcam Csavanah (Capone & Four Winds Fama family). Rachael is clearly stamped with the quality traits of her sire with fabulous looks, movement and temperament. Certainly a tremendous omen for Nungarra Rachael’s future.

ACE GROUP ASSESSMENT TOUR 2011: Premium Award – ‘uphill constructed with good set of neck; correct gaits with swinging movement’.

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Nungarra Freeman (dec)

SOLD to Tyson Zoontjens, South Australia, May 2011

Rachael Rachael_2 Rachael
© Zoe Phillips Photography

DOB:  5/10/10  Freeman is the first foal from our lovely young mare Belcam Princess Black Pearl (Capone) and sired by Fürst Love (Fürst Heinrich). He is a delight to handle, already displaying his sire’s exceptional temperament. He shows loads of potential and with his impeccable bloodlines should have a great future!

ACE GROUP ASSESSMENT TOUR 2011: ‘long neck and shoulder; good strong joins; good hind leg’

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Nungarra Black Lilly - awarded 77% ACE Assessment, February 2013

SOLD to Kelli Weber, Victoria, February 2018

Full sister to 2016 DWTS 4YO Consoldation Winner Nungarra Licorish (competing as Nungarra Furst Class)

D.O.B: 10/12/2012       

Compact black filly. Mature aprox. 15.2hh      

Assessor comment:  "Correct construction with good topline and good uphill canter"

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Nungarra Felicity

SOLD to Victoria, May, 2018
D.O.B: 15/10/14       

Dainty black/brown filly by Furst Love out of Deland, full sister to Nungarra Lawrence
Photo: 3 months old

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Nungarra Lawrence - awarded PREMIUM colt ACE Assessment, January 2015 (gelded December 2015) 

SOLD to Queensland, May, 2018

D.O.B: 1/12/2012     

Stunning dark brown gelding. Approx. 16hh. 
Assessor comment: 'nice faced colt, well defined joints, correct and elastic movement'

Above photos taken early 2015 and February 2013.

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